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Sherrie Bradley Grubb


Sherrie Bradley GrubbSherrie Bradley Grubb pens from her heart, words of hope, encouragement and peace. 

Whether writing for publication, preparing to teach a Bible class, or to speak to a ladies group, she seeks to inspire those who are walking through the most difficult passages of life.

Much of her inspiration comes from the experience of being a single mother, who successfully raised two children alone. Those pathways of hardship taught her deep compassion, making her more aware of the pain of others and, of the power of prayer. 

She became a writer for Messenger in 1996, writing under her former name, Sherrie Bradley Neal. She became a widely published poet and she attributes that to her relationship with God, her love of people, and her long-standing relationship with Messenger.

She continues to pursue knowledge of writing, as a founding member of the Jerry B. Jenkins Writers Guild.

Sherrie remarried in 2013, after 18 years of waiting and making sure that her children were established in faith and, on their own. 

Today, she and her husband, Mike, reside in Loveland, Ohio. They enjoy traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. Sherrie works as an Assistant to the Director of Social Services at  the Christian Village at Mt. Healthy and continues to enjoy serving at her church, Calvary Christian Center in Hamilton, Ohio. 

Sherrie continues to write from her prayer room.


Sherrie's work is featured in numerous Messenger products, most notably throughout popular register books and on the coordinating bookmarks. Some popular series that feature Sherrie's work:
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