Wolfelt Workshop Event

Why Attend This Seminar?

Foremost funeral service innovator Dr. Alan Wolfelt will lead a group of 60 independent funeral professionals through an interactive seminar to explore the importance of why we have funerals, and most importantly, learn how to articulate the “WHY’S” to families you serve and to your community atRegisterNow large. Participants will learn tips and tools to:

  • Articulate WHY funerals are essential.
  • Understand WHY the funeral’s ceremonial elements, from visitation and music to readings and action, combine to create a “sweet spot” of experience for family and friends.
  • Interface six essential functions of the funeral with the elements of ceremony.
  • Convey the value every step of the way in the planning process.
  • Easily overcome common objections to funerals with solid responses.
  • Arrange funerals as a “facilitator,” not a “functionary.”
  • Care for yourself as you create meaningful funeral services.
  • Safeguard the very future of funerals by helping families make transformations— “decisions that are good for them.”

Scheduled prior to the start of the NFDA International Convention & Expo in Chicago, the seminar will begin on the evening of Friday, October 25 and continue with a full day on Saturday, October 26. This workshop will include all the training that Dr. Wolfelt delivers in his 4-day training program, and at a $300 savings (for OGR and Selected members)!

Learn more or register online by visiting Selected Independent's event page. Or, download a PDF of the event registration form.

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