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Family Tree - Distinctive Stationery

by Dani Eberbach | Nov 04, 2016

Family Tree LogoThis new inspirational series is derived from a popular work by Bonnie Mohr called "Living Life," featuring an original poem and the familiar image of a large tree. Bonnie wrote the poem featured inside the book as a collection of the things she believes in and hopes to teach her children before they grow up and begin their own adult journeys. After having a written copy of the verse in her studio and receiving requests for copies of the poem, she created the painting to go with it. Together, the poem and the familiar image of the tree became "Living Life," one of Bonnie Mohr's best-selling prints.

Family Tree

The Family Tree register book is designed to evoke warm memories of home and family. The welcoming tree spreads its numerous branches to the sky, living and growing like the loved ones who will cherish beloved memories and pass them down for generations to come. Warm browns and earthy greens invite the nostalgia of growing up and growing old surrounded by the love only family can provide. The art, together with the poem, honor the memory of a life well lived.

The exceptional design of this series is carried through its full line of coordinating stationery components. Each standard component features artwork that coordinates with the book cover design. Coordinating components of this series include large bulletin size service folders, copy machine service folders, small service folders, and prayer cards. The cover of the oversized book is embossed for added detail. Inside, the book includes two full-color gallery pages that coordinate with the cover art. 

Family Tree Gallery Page ImageFamily Tree Gallery Page ImageFamily Tree Gallery Page ImageFamily Tree Gallery Page Image

Make It! Personal

The Family Tree series comes with coordinating Make It! Personal service folders in three popular sizes: large bulletin size, copy machine size, and tri-fold. Other Make It! Personal stationery components for this series come from the Elements collection. The six-color interior is expertly designed and features a neutral color palette of light browns and soft teal. Elements stationery components include bookmarks, candle labels, memory cards, display sheets, and DVD covers.

Family Tree MIP StationeryElements MIP Stationery

Original Licensed Artwork

The original artwork featured throughout the Family Tree series is licensed from artist Bonnie Mohr.

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