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Distinctive Stationery

by Dani Eberbach | Nov 04, 2016

Distinctive Stationery

Product statistics show that families want stationery that features comforting, meaningful art. Messenger is pleased to introduce a new line of distinctive stationery that fits this description perfectly. 

This new inspirational art collection consists of four stationery series featuring the work of two new licensed artists, Bonnie Mohr and Rhonda Addison. Each book cover features inspiring art and comforting, heartwarming words that coordinate with the primary design.  

Distinctive Stationery Book Images

These four new register books all share the same Elements interior, but have their own full-color gallery pages that coordinate with the art on the book cover. The Elements interior is expertly designed in six colors, and features a surprisingly neutral color palette of light browns and soft teal. Other pieces in the Elements stationery collection are bookmarks, three sizes of candle labels, memory cards, DVD covers, and display sheets.

In addition to these four books, Messenger's new line of distinctive stationery also features an upscale acknowledgement and box set box.

Correspondence Set

Our product research shows that families appreciate retail quality thank-you cards. If your funeral home isn't providing these, families will look elsewhere. Messenger is pleased to introduce a new deluxe acknowledgement featuring an upscale design and packaging.

Correspondence SetElements Acknowledgement and Envelope

The outside of the card is printed in metallic ink on specialty ivory paper stock, and the beautiful handwritten "Thank You" is skillfully embossed and foil stamped. Acknowledgements are delivered in their new upscale Correspondence Set packaging, complete with 25 cards and envelopes, and 25 embossed dove envelope seals.

Tribute Box

Tribute Box

Our research also shows that families appreciate upscale packaging that has a purpose. Standard box sets for these four new series will be packaged in the new Tribute Box. This box, which can be purchased as part of a box set or ala carte, can easily be repurposed to hold sympathy cards or other small remembrances treasured after the memorial service.

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