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by User Not Found | Jun 03, 2016

Messenger CalendarsCalendars are the best year-round advertising medium available for the money. They provide exposure for your business 365 days a year! 
Here are a few more reasons to advertise with promotional calendars:

  • 74% of recipients remember the name of the advertiser on their promotional calendar

  • The average number of printed calendars per household is 3.12

  • 98% of all people look at a calendar every day

  • 82% of recipients say they enjoy getting a calendar as a complimentary gift

Messenger Calendars

Messenger calendars come with 12 handpicked images and exceptional design, as well as a large space for imprinting your funeral home name and logo. We have multiple styles and designs to choose from so you can find a calendar that aligns with the needs and values of your community.

Catholic Heritage calendars feature traditional religious art and scripture from the King James bible, and include all Catholic holidays from the church calendar.

His World calendars come in three styles (Catholic, Lutheran, and Non-Denominational). They display gorgeous landscape photography and feature inspirational scripture or quotes.

Christian/Catholic Family Living calendars feature images of families engaging in fun, happy activities accompanied by appropriate scripture verses.

NFDA Calendars

The National Funeral Directors Association and Messenger have partnered to bring you high quality, limited-edition calendars designed and personalized exclusively for your funeral home. Messenger is the exclusive distributor of these limited-edition products.

Inspirations calendars feature gorgeous scenic photography accompanied by scripture (Biblical Inspirations) or uplifting quotes.

Catholic Expressions calendars contain sacred traditional art and include the Catholic church calendar and religious holidays.

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