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by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2016

Through a partnership with Remembrance Creations, Messenger is able to provide a wide selection of innovative chapel furnishings for your funeral home. Some of our most popular items are guest registry stands, memorial donation boxes, and urn memorials. View the full catalog for a more detailed list of all the products available.

Guest Registry Stand

The fold-up portability of the Guest Registry Stand makes it easy to transport and set up at the funeral chapel, church, and cemetery services. The Traditional Guest Registry features a secure slide mount tabletop and LED clip-on light that can also serve as a portable Podium. The Digital Guest Registry features a key lock enclosure for the iPad or larger size tablets. All stand accessories have the functional slide mount for easy, secure use. Tops are interchangeable per base, and sold separately. White or mahogany stain only. Messenger also offers a Majestic Style and Monarch style Pedestal Guest Registry Stands and Table Top Accessory Mount.

Memorial Donation Boxes

Memorial Donation Boxes are a moving display honoring the memory of the deceased. The beautifully finished Memorial Donation Box can be used with an iPad or without, by inserting a matching wood panel laser engraved with the funeral home logo. The Memorial Donation Box can be placed on a table or inserted onto the 43” "Monarch" or "Majestic" Style Pedestal. Memorial Donation Boxes and Pedestals sold separately.

Urn Memorial

The Urn Memorial presents a beautiful display of the urn while showcasing a framed portrait, personal mementos ad other treasured keepsakes of the dearly departed. The urn is placed upon an illuminated glass surface, where the internal LED light sources creates a soft glow effect around the urn, giving it a unique visual presence. Clean lines, defined shapes and beautiful contours are incorporated in the Urn Memorial, available in two unique design style, “Monarch” and “Majestic” Collections by Remembrance Creations, LLC. Each style is available in four wood stained satin finishes and three metallic enamel high gloss finishes. Custom colors and finishes are also available.

Urn Memorial Pedestal

The easiest, most dignified way to present the urn is with the Urn Memorial Pedestal. The urn is placed upon the illuminated glass surface, where the LED Light Box creates a soft glow effect around the urn, giving it a dramatic presence at the cremation memorial service. Portability of pedestals and light box make it easy to use in funeral, church and cemetery service arrangements. The light box can be placed on a table or inserted onto our 43" pedestal with adjoining flower pedestals to create a beautiful display. Light boxes and pedestals sold separately.

Specialty Furnishings

Our Specialty Furnishings and Accessories are handcrafted furniture and accessories for a beautiful, dignified atmosphere and include the Lectern, Torchiere Floor Lamp, Candle Floor Lamp, TV Monitor Stand 43", Kneeler, and Casket Bier in the "Monarch" and "Majestic" style.

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