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Temporary Grave Markers

by User Not Found | Jun 01, 2016

Messenger offers a variety of temporary grave markers in different styles and finishes. These markers can be used to help a family mark and locate a loved one's resting place until a permanent monument is placed. 

Messenger's metal grave markers come in four different finishes: chrome, copper painted, gray granite, and red granite. These markers are easily customized with interchangeable copper painted letters, numbers, emblems, and spacers. Metal markers can be attached to either of two styles of stakes: a channel (straight) stake, or a U-stake.

In addition to the metal grave markers, Messenger also offers personalized temporary grave markers that can be personalized through the Make It! Personal web application. These modern grave markers are unique and affordable, and offer families a more personal level of customization. Grave marker inserts are sold in packs of 13, and these inserts are printed on a special water resistant paper, making the markers durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor elements.

Learn more about creating Make It! Personal temporary grave markers in this Technology Blog article: Creating Personalized Temporary Grave Markers.

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