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Messenger Becomes Distributor for Multi-Surface Sanitizer

by Tracy Fetters | Jul 28, 2020

AUBURN, IN – Messenger, a leading provider in stationery, funeral service and personalization solutions, continues to put focus on sourcing personal protective equipment and supplies to help funeral professionals, the families they serve and funeral guests stay safe during today’s pandemic.  

  Messenger is now a distributor for fine mist spraying devices and hypochlorous (HOCl) solution. Hypochlorous is an N-listed ingredient effective against Sars-Cov-2 and in sanitizing hard surfaces. The solution contains no harsh chemicals, will not irritate the eyes, skin, nose, or lungs and is people, pet and food safe. Messenger also offers mist spraying devices (battery operated, electric and hand-held) to apply hypochlorous effectively.

“Messenger understands the importance of families being able to gather and share in their grief as they mourn their loved one” states Matt Stallings, Business Development Manager at Messenger. “We want our funeral partners to know that they can count on us during these uncertain times to provide unique solutions to help overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19. We know easing worries and providing peace-of-mind for families, guests and staff is important to funeral homes.”

Messenger also offers other PPE items such as face masks, face shields, shoe covers, lab coats and gel hand sanitizer made in the U.S.A. with 70% ethyl alcohol. Hand sanitizer is sold by the case and includes four 1-gallon containers and 2 hand pumps. Sanitizer ships in 1-day while

supplies last. For more information about the PPE, please call Messenger at 1.800.827.5151 or visit their website at

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