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Messenger was the first in the industry to introduce retail bundling options to make stationery selections simple for you and your families. This deluxe packaging option allows you to control inventory and save space by having all the necessary paper goods contained in one convenient package. Also, since standard Memorial Box Sets ship within 1 or 2 days of receipt of your order, it is not necessary to carry excess inventory.

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Angler's Glory Box Set Angler's Glory
Armenian Cross Box Set Armenian Cross
Ascension Box Set Ascension
Autumn Harvest Box Set Autumn Harvest
Beaches Box Set Beaches
Botanical Butterfly Box Set Botanical Butterfly
Bouquet of Roses Box Set Bouquet of Roses
Bridge Of Faith Box Set Bridge Of Faith
Cambridge Box Set Cambridge
Cameo Box Set Cameo
Cape Hatteras Box Set Cape Hatteras
Cafe' Shimmer Box Set Cafe' Shimmer
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