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Wild Wings is one of today’s leading p ublishers, distributors and retailers of wildlife, sporting, and nostalgic / Americana art prints and art-related products. The company grew out of a love for the great outdoors and a desire to share that interest with others.


Founded in 1968, Wild Wings published its first signed and numbered, limited edition art print in 1970 and mailed its first direct-mail catalog in 1971. Today, 40 years after its inception, Wild Wings continues to lead the industry in product development and innovative approaches to incorporating nature themes into a wide range of art products, gifts, home furnishings, collectibles and apparel. Wild Wings products provide the perfect foundation for creating the popular “north woods” or “lodge” home decor look. Having pioneered the nature movement four decades ago, the company, along with its many talented artists, is considered by many to be the leading authority in this growing category. Consumers increasingly seek to surround themselves with products that reflect their interest in the natural world while providing a soothing respite from today’s fast pace.Wild Wings products provide the perfect combination of beauty, quality, comfort and uniqueness.


Lee Kromschroeder

Lee KromschroederStirring moods. Engaging action. Flirtatious light. The art of Lee Kromschroeder captures the imagination of the viewer and pulls him into the animated world of his canvas. "What I like to do is create a total environment for the animal. I feel everything in a painting is equally as important as the subject." Through exhaustive research of his subject's anatomy, behavior & habitat and continually challenging his skills, Kromschroeder has emerged as one of the most recognized and celebrated artists of the genre.


Lee Kromschroeder’s artwork is featured in Messenger’s Rustic Retreat series.










Rosemary Millette

Rosemary MilletteThis South Dakota artist has been developing her natural talents and sharpening her skills since she was a young girl. Through her formal education and work as a commercial artist, Millette has learned to approach her work with vivacity and employ rigorous self-discipline. Whether painting elk, pheasants or chickadees; her mastery of skills is apparent. By carefully studying her subject matter, Millette realistically portrays each animal's physical structure and tone. Yet, her paintings offer the viewer more than a photo-realistic representation. The use of light and color, the composition, and the perspective of each complementing background reveal and reinforce the quintessential qualities of the animal.


Rosemary Millette is especially proud of her association with groups striving to preserve and protect wildlife and the natural environment. Her work has been selected for over a dozen state conservation stamps and she works closely with Pheasants Forever, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Minnesota Deer Hunter's Association.


Rosemary Millette’s artwork is featured in Messenger’s Rustic Retreat series.









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