Robert Fobear



Robert Fobear has been painting, designing, and illustrating for 35 years. Born in Saginaw, Michigan, Robert's childhood in an environment full of outdoor activities and wildlife has had a far-reaching influence in the life and painting of this nationally recognized artist. The love of God's creativity in nature with its awesome landscapes filled with many textures and patterns are a favorite subject of the artist.


After graduating from the Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids Michigan, in 1971, Bob accepted a position with American Greetings Corporation and moved to Cleveland, Ohio. In 1975, Bob decided to fulfill a lifetime deam of becoming a freelance illustrator and left the employment of American Greetings.

Now having worked professionally for over 30 years and having his painting and design work sought after by numerous companies and private collectors in the United States and abroad, Bob devotes the majority of his time and talent to exploring the numberous styles and techniques found in the visual arts.

"I believe a true artist never stops learning and challenging him or herself to new frontiers of visual expression."

Bob now resides in Arlington, Texas, painting, hiking, and photographing nature.


Robert Fobear’s artwork is featured in Messenger’s Wildflowers and Blue Evenings stationery series.











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