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Inspired by the ancient craft of papermaking, Molly West began creating business cards and invitations for friends and family. After apprenticeships in paper conservation and fine design binding, she created the first Molly West Handbound Books in 1992, in the dining room of a San Francisco Victorian. Her collection includes photo albums, guest books, journals, address books, keepsake boxes, and a perpetual planner. Regardless of its function, every piece is archival, beautiful, and handmade.


Molly West searches the world for the most exquisite and opulent silk brocades, jacquards, dupionis, and taffetas to use on their book covers. Fabrics and ribbons are combined with an artist’s eye for harmony and surprise. All textiles are treated for stain resistance to extend their life. Each Molly West Handbound album or book is made from scratch by master book builders. They use classic construction methods to ensure precise stitching and study binding that makes each piece a cherished heirloom.


Messenger’s Molly West Collection includes:

Platinum Marquis

Cafe Shimmer





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