Danny Hahlbohm

 Danny Hahlbohm 

Danny Hahlbohm was born in Mineola, New York on June of 1949. He grew up on the eastern end of Long Island, New York until 1968 when he enlisted in the Armed Forces and was sent overseas. Honorably Discharged in 1972 Danny began painting for galleries and auctions houses across the Nation. Two years later he started touring the country, promoting himself and exhibiting his work nationally from coast to coast.

Danny was approached by one of the largest publishers in the art field while on a tour in 1978. Together, they began distributing reproductions of his works throughout the country. Within a year Danny and his publisher released the painting "Footprints in the Sand" along with the poem written by Mary Stevenson in 1939. This resulted in world recognition, putting the art work of Danny Hahlbohm into the homes of millions. To date there are over 100 different prints of Danny's Christian art works reproduced and distributed in 33 countries around the world.

Messenger has been exclusively chosen by Danny to reproduce his art for the funeral industry. Danny's art, "Suffer the Children" is reproduced in Messenger's "Treasure for the King" series. Danny painted this art in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing in hope of offering comfort to those who lost children in the tragedy.


In addition to Treasure for the King, Danny’s artwork is featured in Messenger’s Heaven’s Embrace and Ascension stationery series.

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